Phallosan Forte Results Explained [ Video Review]

Phallosan Forte is a penis extender that has been proven to work. Invented in Germany in the year 2001, this device makes use of the “traction method” in enlarging the penis.

Before introducing it as a method for enhancing the size of the penis, the traction method had been in use in the medical field for strengthening muscles in other parts of the body.

Contents of Phallosan Forte

When you order for this penis extender device from the official website of the manufacturer HERE, you will get the following:

Suction bells – these come in 3 different sizes of small, medium, and large bells with attached condom sleeves. You are to go with the one that fits your penis and is comfortable to wear as well.

Suction ball – this is responsible for sucking out the air out from the suction bells for best results.

Tension clip – this allows you to control the pressure or tension that your penis is pulled through while wearing the device.

Adjustable elastic belt – this belt is what is worn around the waist or leg and helps to conceal and keep the penis in place.

Protector cap – this prevents friction and unnecessary strain being put on the penis

Other things you will find are an instructional DVD, a user guide, and a measuring device to help you in choosing the right suction bell size for your penis.

What result can you get with Phallosan Forte?

According to the manufacturer of Phallosan Forte penis extender, the device should be worn for at least 1,000 hours for significant result. Now this may sound like a lot of hours, but when you put into consideration that you are to wear the device for a period of 8 to 10 hours 6 days in a week, you will understand that the time really goes by.

And while starting out, you are not to exceed wearing the device for more than 4 hours a day. You are advised to also wear it with low tension on the first 2 weeks of use and gradually build your way up to 8 hours with higher tension.

The rule of the game is consistency. If you are consistent in wearing this device, you will be able to notice your first inch growth in as little as 4 months of use. But do bear in mind that you may fall a little short of reaching 1 inch or even go over as results vary for everyone.

What sets Phallosan Forte apart from other penis extenders?

The first thing you will notice about Phallosan Forte penis extender is that it is different from other penis extenders. It does not have those extension rods that others come with which many users report are always uncomfortable to wear for a long time.

Phallosan Forte is easy to wear and very comfortable at the same time. This is why some people find that they can wear it to bed all through the night.

Another striking thing about this penis device is that it can be concealed under the cloth. Now, there is no other penis extender that can be worn without it being very obvious even under a heavy jacket.

The big plus for Phallosan Forte is that it is about the only penis extender that has been approved by FDA. This means that you have nothing to worry about when it comes to the safety of this device.

Cons of Phallosan Forte

  • It goes as high as $339 and even though it is so worth it in the long run, not everyone can afford it.
  • Choosing the wrong sleeve condom size can lead to it breaking early and costing you an extra $26.90 for a replacement.

My personal review is posted both on MRZ  and Pegym.

Alright, I think it’s time for me to give my opinion about phallosan forte. These posts will be a little detailed. I hope you don’t get bored. to start with, I want to state that I have only used this device for 4 days.

Before now I’ve been doing penis exercises. You could say that I started as a new person. I started with manual stretching and what many other people advised me to do which is jelqing.
I did this for about a year and I was not happy with the results. And so I ended up buying cheap penis extender that I used for about a year. I would wear it for like 3 to 4 hours. On some days, I could wear it for up to 8 hours. With time I got tired of the wearing it cuz I was not happy with the results I got. In fact, I forgot about it or some days. And this run into months with time.
Well, I can say that I saw some results of like an inch in the size of my penis. However, the result was not enough to encourage me to keep going on.

If you ask me, I would say that the most I have spent on penis extender is like $30. And I got it from eBay. As per results, I will say the result is not bad. I would not have looked for another penis extender, but recently I noticed that I am running out of time to wear it at home.
With the demands of my work I found out that I don’t have time to keep wearing my old penis extender at home.
My penis extended served me well when I worked from home. But now I need to move out because I got a new job. And this is why I am considering Phallosan Forte. At least I can wear it outside and also at work.

I have only made use of this penis extender for 4 days. The first thing I noticed is that it is more comfortable for me when I wear it than my old noose type extender. I could finally wear my penis extender outside without anyone knowing. But I am yet to experience that great feeling I was expecting especially going by its high price. Perhaps, with time, I will see why it’s different and highly hyped.

After having on the device for about 2 to 3 hours, I cannot help but remove it for some minutes and wear it again as I begin to feel some pain in my glands afterwards. This gives me relief and allows me to wear it for another couple of hours. I find that when the tension is not that high, I don’t experience the pains in my gland. Like I said, I still have some learning with this product and will hopefully get it right.
Another thing I noticed is that I experience some pain when my penis shaft gets kind of stuck between the condom and the cap that protects the penis. But being halfway erect before making use of the device and also gently pulling the shaft skin down when rolling the condom prevents me from experiencing the pain. And when I apply baby powder on the silicon part and also on my penis, I don’t seem to get the pain.
But in these few days that I have made use of the device, there is this vein that have developed right where the foam ring usually rests on my penis. it was painful and hard. What I did was to alternate the direction of the device 2 times in a day because I use to leave it one direction all through my use of the device in a day. This technique gets rid of the pain but the vein is still strong. I hope it dissolves with time.
In all my experience, I like that I can conceal the device under my clothe without anyone knowing but the suction ball and bell seem to bulge at the point that is a little above my pant pocket. I guess that this would not be a problem if I am to wear heavier clothing and jackets. So, to conclude my observation, I would say that with Phallosan Forte, I have been able to make use of penis extender for a longer period than I had done previously. It is quite early to expect significant result with the device, but I intend to continue making use of the device since it reasonably comfortable to wear when compared to other penis extenders.


Phallosan Forte Review & Results (2018 Update)

The daily results you get with Phallosan Forte might not seem like much or might not even be visible in the early months. But after a while, you will be amazed at the result.

I must admit that this device has not just increased the size of my penis but done other things for me as well.

Can you guess what it is?

It has given a boost to my self-esteem. Now, I can boldly approach a lady and even give a relationship a try all thanks to Phallosan Forte.

And yes, since getting the extra 2 inches after using this device, I have had sex with women and loved every bit of it because there was no judgment of how small my penis was.

So, if you are looking for something that works and will grow your penis, please do not waste your money on pills, pumps, and even surgery. They are all a waste of money.


Despite the cons listed above, the Phallosan Forte penis extender is worth every dollar spent on it because it really works. It is quite comfortable to wear, and you are guaranteed of growing the size of your penis permanently over time.